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An Animation Production Assistant salary is available in Burbank. The average salary is around $25,697 per year. The job market is active in Burbank, and there are many job openings for this position. ZipRecruiter, a job search engine, continually scans millions of active positions to find the best paying jobs in the field. Listed below are the Salary ranges and Hourly rates for the position. You can also find job descriptions and Salary ranges for other related positions in Burbank.


Working as an Animation Production Assistant is an exciting and lucrative career opportunity. The industry is growing and is looking for talented, promising workers. Jobs in this field can range from entry-level positions such as runner or production assistant. To get started in this field, you may want to consider earning a Certificate IV or Diploma in Screen and Media. Depending on your location, you may be responsible for running errands for production companies, making copies of scripts, and answering mail.

As an Animation production assistant, you’ll support the costumes and props department and camera operators. As an Assistant Animator, you’ll earn an average of $58,916 per year in the U.S. Animation jobs generally pay the highest, but they can be emotionally draining. Animation production assistants may also be hired by independent film production companies. To learn more about a career in animation, read on! Animation jobs: What Can You Expect to Earn As an Animation Production Assistant?

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animation production assistant salary

Hourly rate

An Animation production assistant job involves assisting costume designers, camera operators, and other crew members. The national average salary for an Assistant Animator is $58,916. This job is emotionally and physically demanding, but it also pays well. Whether you’re in the production office or on the set, this job can offer you plenty of opportunity to grow. Below is a breakdown of the hourly rate of an Animation production assistant.

The Animation production assistant job description is varied. They may assist in the post-production process, wrap cables, and guard roads. They may also be involved in casting and managing production budgets. Animation production assistants may also work in an office, where they may be responsible for general administrative tasks. The Utah Film Commission offers webinars on the job description and the hourly rate for this position. Animation assistants must be detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills.

Job description

Those interested in a career in animation should consider pursuing a degree in the field. This field is thriving in the digital age, and it is always looking for talented workers. Entry-level positions include production assistant, runner, and clerical workers. A Certificate IV or Diploma in Screen and Media will give you the necessary background to work in this industry. Animation jobs are among the highest paying, so be sure to start your search early.

An animation production assistant salary varies based on experience and the company. Those in this role are responsible for keeping all departments organized. They may be responsible for providing coffee and script copies, distributing animation materials, and shuttling equipment from one location to another. They may also be responsible for crowd control, answering the phone, and relaying messages. Animation production assistants may also work in studios and have additional duties, including being responsible for keeping records of holiday leave for other members of the production team.

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animation production assistant salary
Salary range

An Animation production assistant salary range depends on their specific job duties and experience. Some jobs require more or less training than others, and some require more experience. While many assistants in animation will be hired with little to no experience, others can expect to make a significant amount of money. Listed below are the typical salary ranges for Production Assistants in various industries. You should keep in mind that this information does not apply to all positions.

The role of a production assistant is often entry-level and may require a variety of skills. The typical job description includes handling clerical tasks in a production office. These tasks may include copying scripts, making coffee, and even shuttling crews and equipment around town. Other responsibilities may include acting as a runner, answering the phone, and relaying messages. A production assistant may also be responsible for assisting a director or animator with a shoot.


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