Lockheed Martin Data Scientist Salary **2022

If you’re interested in working as a data scientist, you may be wondering how much a job at Lockheed Martin pays. This article will provide you with an average data scientist salary, the range of salary, and the specific requirements for a job at Lockheed Martin. It will also help you determine whether or not you meet the requirements for a data scientist position at Lockheed Martin. Continue reading to learn more!

Average data scientist salary


An average Lockheed Martin data scientist salary can be as high as $99,000 per year. A data scientist’s job entails executing analytic projects for the enterprise. This position requires a high level of independent judgment and works without direction from anyone else. They perform work requiring a variety of complex theories and techniques. They are responsible for analyzing and interpreting data to determine how it can be used to improve an organization.


The salary of a Data Scientist at Lockheed Martin varies depending on the department within the company. For example, a Data Scientist in the Engineering Department earns approximately $8,371 more than their counterparts in the Design Department. The salary of a Data Scientist at Lockheed Martin is impacted by seniority. A Data Scientist in Philadelphia earns over $147,000 per year, while a Data Scientist in New York earns under $22,000.


Range of pay


A Lockheed Martin data scientist salary is typically between $67,000 and $78,000 per year, and this figure can include equity. The company has two pay levels for data scientists: engineering and design. The engineering salary is almost a fifth higher than that of the design department. While Lockheed Martin is a large company, the data scientists at Lockheed Martin do not earn the same compensation as the designers. Lockheed Martin offers a great opportunity to grow within the company and has an excellent compensation package.


Data Scientist Salary


A data scientist’s salary is based on experience. The company offers competitive benefits and a diverse work environment. A range of benefits is available to all employees, including a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Dental, Vision, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and 401K. In addition to competitive compensation, Lockheed Martin also offers a competitive health care plan and comprehensive retirement plans. If you have a PhD in a related field, Lockheed Martin may be the company for you.


Locations of jobs


If you’re looking for a job in data science, the Lockheed Martin Corporation may be a great fit. This global security and aerospace company has a range of opportunities that benefit all aspects of a data scientist’s life. The company is focused on research, product design, development, integration and sustainment, among other things. There are also many ways to advance your career with the company, from tuition reimbursement to remote work.


The chief engineer of digital processor design position is responsible for the conceptualization of new processors and handles the technicalities associated with digital payload communications and electronics. Experience is essential, as this position requires independent judgment and planning. The individual must possess at least seven to nine years of professional experience and at least five years of relevant rotary wing manufacturing. An active DoD top secret clearance is also necessary, with a closure date in the past six years.


Requirements for a job at Lockheed Martin


Applicants should know that the Lockheed Martin company culture is very diverse, with over 110,000 employees worldwide. The company prides itself on its commitment to diversity, employee welfare, and career development. Interested applicants should also know that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation. To apply, potential employees should create a profile and apply for the position that interests them. The company website is also a good source of information, including the application process.


In this data science role, you’ll be responsible for developing and implementing actionable models for the Missile Systems Capability Organization. You’ll collaborate with peers across the company to deliver actionable insights to decision makers. You’ll also lead other engineers on technical tasks and participate in agile projects. The position requires travel. However, it’s a rewarding and exciting place to work.

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