Ginger Zee Salary **2022

Ginger Zee salary is one of the most talked about topics in the TV industry. The Emmy Award-winning Meteorologist and television personality is the Chief Meteorologist for all ABC News platforms and works on many different television shows. Zee was born on January 13, 1981, in Orange, California. She has two younger brothers. In addition to her husband and children, Zee has a family of her own, which includes her parents and two brothers.

Ginger Zee’s net worth

What is Ginger Zee’s salary? Ginger Zee’s salary has been reported to be a whopping $3 million. This is not an exaggeration; she is truly a superstar in the television industry. Her salary is definitely well-deserved and she’s an excellent example of how a female meteorologist can earn a great salary. Her background is very diverse, and she has worked across several countries and genres.

Her husband

If you’re interested in learning how much Ginger Zee earns, you’ve come to the right place. Ginger has been in the television news industry for more than a decade. She previously worked in the Midwest at several television stations, including WMAQ in Chicago and WEYI in Michigan. Before joining ABC in 2011, she had worked at a variety of TV stations, including WYIN and WOOD-TV in Michigan. Currently, she works as a weather anchor on Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight.

Her children

You may be wondering how much Ginger Zee earns based on her job and her children. Zee has two children – Miles and Adrian. The first one was born in 2014 while Miles was born in 2016. The couple lives in Manhattan. The other child is still unborn. Ginger Zee’s salary and children are not available, but the couple has two sons – Adrian and Miles.

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ginger zee salary
Her parents

Ginger Zee’s salary is not public knowledge. However, she is married to Ben Aaron. Ben works as a features reporter at PIX11 Morning News. He also hosts the popular Pickler & Ben talk show with Kellie Pickler. Ginger and Ben have two sons together: Adrian Benjamin Colonomos and Miles Macklin. They discussed Ginger’s past struggle with an eating disorder in an interview with the New York Times.

Her childhood

In her previous memoir, Natural Disaster, Ginger Zee revealed a side of herself that many people did not know. While her experiences with mental illness were difficult to read, she helped to dispel the stigma surrounding mental illness by sharing her own life story. Now in True Colors, she shares her most vulnerable self, including her childhood. Ginger spent most of her life hiding her vulnerabilities from the outside world, acting professionally to please others. In addition to being a professional people-pleaser, she was also struggling with crippling depression.

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ginger zee salary
Her career

The income earned by Ginger Zee is quite impressive, even for a married woman. The media personality was born on September 10, 1981, in New York City. He previously hosted the nationally syndicated talk show Crazy Talk. He is currently a co-host on the Pickler & Ben talk show, produced by Scripps Networks Interactive. The show focuses on the lives of country musicians and airs on CMT.

Her marriage to Ben Aaron Colonomos

The television personality and WNBC personality, Ginger Zee, has married Ben Aaron Colonomos, a TV producer. The couple has two sons, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, born in 2015, and Miles Macklin, born in 2018. They live in Manhattan, New York. Ginger and Ben met while working for a rival TV network. Ben proposed to Ginger in a romantic video that Ginger Zee shared with her friends.


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