LSSU Salaries **2022

Looking for LSSU salaries? Here are some of the details on salary figures. These figures apply to graduate, doctorate, and post-graduate students. You can also get information on salaries for teaching jobs at LSSU. The salary data for these positions may differ from that for other jobs.


So, make sure to consult with the employer for exact figures. You should have a good understanding of the salary structure at LSSU before applying for a position.


Lake Superior State University salary data


Below is salary data for employees at the Lake Superior State University. The salaries of employees in different organizational categories vary at the university. The highest-paid jobs are those in the Engineering department, with an average salary of $66,743 per year. Non-instructional staff earn a median salary of $45,052. The most common degree obtained by employees at Lake Superior State University is a Bachelor’s degree. However, there are some exceptions.


LSSU Salaries


The university has a median salary of $69,338, which is 11% higher than the national average. There were 17 ME graduates from the university during the academic year 2019-2020. Ninety-four percent of these graduates were men. The remaining 6% were women. The school’s graduates are typically employed in Service positions. However, the average salary of employees in other departments is $38,500. Depending on the field of study, an ME graduate can expect to make up to $48,000 per year.


LSSU salary data for post-graduate and doctorate students


If you’re considering a career in math, you’ll be happy to know that the classes at LSSU are small. Freshmen and sophomore classes are each 15 students, and professors can get to know their students well. In addition to math, many fields are growing, and graduates of LSSU programs have gone on to work in these fields or continue their studies in the field. Students must also complete a senior project to graduate, which helps them find employment in various fields.


LSSU salary data for teaching positions


The University of Lake Superior has published the LSSU salary data for teaching positions. This data will help you to determine which teaching positions are the most lucrative. There are three main categories of teaching positions: Female Assistant professor, Male Associate professor, and Professor. Each category has a specific number of employees. In addition to these, the University also offers a comprehensive benefits package. To find out which teaching positions are the highest paying, check out the table below.

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