Part Time Optometrist Salary in New York **2022

In NY State, new graduates earned an average of $111-120k compared to the national average. Corporate practices in the state also typically offer higher starting salaries. You can find hundreds of optometry job listings on websites. Many corporate practices in upstate NY are also eager to recruit new graduates and are willing to offer competitive salaries. Those with graduate degrees can also search for jobs in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. A portion of their job listings can be found on these websites, and they may be worth considering.

Job outlook

There are about 40,200 licensed doctors of optometry in the US. CareerExplorer reports that the profession has a B grade for employability, which means that there is a good chance that you will find work within this career field for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the US is expected to add another 7,200 optometrists over the next ten years, and the retirement of around 1,300 optometrists will increase the demand even more.

A part-time optometrist can work in a private practice on weekends. The rest of the week can be spent working in other settings. Private practice owners are usually happy to hire new graduates to work part-time as long as they can meet the practice’s financial requirements. This way, new graduates can work toward co-ownership of their own practice or get a taste of corporate optometry.

Part Time Optometrist Salary
Part Time Optometrist Salary

Career opportunities

If you’re an optometrist, you’re likely looking for part time optometrist career opportunities. Many optometry practices hire new graduates part time, and many optometrist owners are willing to work for them part time. You can also explore opportunities in corporate and hospital optometry, and eventually work towards co-owning a private practice. Here are a few resources to find optometrist jobs in New York.

Many optometrists work in independent practices, or as part of a regional or national chain. Some optometrists are even employed by laser refractive surgery clinics as part of their pre and post-operative follow-up care. There are also a number of other optometrist career opportunities, including working for a public health body or sole practitioner. To find a practice, check their websites, or contact a specialist recruitment agency.


The average part time optometrist salary is $120,841. This is an increase of almost 10 percent over last year, and almost four times the pay of a full-time optometrist. The increase in pay is largely due to experience – five out of ten respondents had 20 or more years of experience. However, part-time optometrists may find it hard to juggle two or more jobs.

The salary of an optometrist may also vary depending on the number of hours they work and where they work. Part-time optometrists often work flexible hours and aren’t bound by set working hours. They must also meet sales targets, which are typically based on the number of visits per month. In addition to consulting with patients and providing eye care, optometrists also provide advice to NHS England about eye health services. The salary of optometrists varies based on location, employer, and practice.

Part Time Optometrist Salary
Part Time Optometrist Salary

Part-time optometrist jobs are available in multiple locations. They can earn either a flat salary or a base salary with a production bonus. The pay is higher in a full-time position, where they can work in more than one Delaware beach. These positions do not have weekend hours, but they come with good earning potential. Listed below are some of the locations where part-time optometrists can work.

One of the best places to start is a networking event. Optometry schools host annual events that allow graduates to network with potential employers. These events can also help you make valuable contacts. Also, reputable headhunters often find new graduates on LinkedIn. Besides attending networking events, LinkedIn can also help you connect with recruiters. While networking is the most important aspect of finding a job, remember that experience counts, so be prepared to work hard and make good money.


Optometrists who specialize in sports vision care are sought after by athletes. This area of optometry includes evaluating visual acuity, eye teaming, depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye movements. Optometrists specializing in sports vision are trained to treat vision problems in athletes, as well as those who experience stress or depression. This field is becoming increasingly popular as a way to treat children who have visual problems.

During their training, optometrists must follow a college preparatory schedule and emphasize science and math over other subjects. In college, they must also complete their optometry residency program. In the United States, there are about 34,000 licensed optometrists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, some optometrists practice as consultants in the eye care industry.


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