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Architects pay a lot of money. However, the pay you get from the internship may be inadequate for your needs. Luckily, Zippia has compiled salary information for over 10,000 Architects to make your job hunt easier. Listed below are the average salaries of Ratio Architects employees. Keep reading to learn about the Sign-on bonuses, Length of experience, and more. It is also helpful to compare Ratio Architects salaries to similar positions in your city.


Recent income disparity concerns have largely escaped the architecture profession, as average compensation for CEOs of architectural firms is higher than the pay for an Intern 1 position. In 2011, the ratio fell to four-to-one, and it climbed again in 2013 to four-to-five. However, this trend may be reversing. There is still a huge imbalance between the salaries of interns and senior architects.

In terms of salaries, the first few years of experience are usually the most valuable. Experience is important, but not crucial. Many architects start out as interns and end up working for a company’s headquarters. A salary of around $24,000 is common. This salary is also higher than that of other architecture internships, which may be a good fit for some people. An internship will provide you with valuable hands-on experience, which can prove beneficial if you are already a professional.

Architects salary

In the US, women can expect to start at roughly the same level as their male colleagues when they are first starting out. As their career progresses, they can expect to make approximately 84% of their male counterparts’ salary. The gender pay gap in architecture is an ongoing issue, and female workers should be vocal about it if they feel their pay is not fair. In the UK, more than half of architects felt they were underpaid, while 40% felt it was fair.

While recent concerns about income disparities have affected most professions, the architecture field has been immune to these issues. In 2012, the average compensation for an architecture firm’s CEO was $192,200, compared to a $42,900 salary for an Intern 1 position. This meant that the average CEO’s pay was more than four times the salary of an Intern 1 position, or four times the compensation of an intern. While the ratio has fluctuated in the past, it has remained low.

Ratio Architects Intern Salary
Ratio Architects Intern Salary

Length of experience

How long do you need to work at Ratio Architects? Architects earn an average salary of $56,635 per year. The salary range for an architect is between $5,208 and $7,500 per month. According to Zippia, the 25th percentile of salary for architects is $62,500, and the 75th percentile is $90,000, with the median annual salary of $82,479, according to Zippia’s survey.

While the number of years of experience is a major factor that determines pay, education and special skills are also important. Architects who are more experienced are more likely to command higher salaries. The Professional Salary Report offers more details on how educational levels and length of experience affect pay levels. An intern architect salary typically ranges from $48,969 to $71,712 annually. While this may not sound like a lot, it is a reasonable starting point for a salary.

Sign-on bonuses

Recently, the architecture profession has avoided the income inequalities that have plagued other fields. The average CEO of an architecture firm made $192,200 in 2011, while the median compensation for an Intern 1 position was $42,900. In 2011, the ratio fell to 4:2, but in 2013 it rose to 4:5. This trend has continued since 2013, with the CEO’s compensation rising at the same rate as the compensation for an Intern.

While it is tempting to sign on with an architectural firm that offers a huge signing bonus, it is essential to consider the value of the internship. Even if the firm provides a hefty sum, it is unlikely to offer the kind of exposure you will get elsewhere. In fact, I had a much better experience working at a firm that didn’t offer a signing bonus. I eventually realized that it was the most valuable professional experience I had.

Ratio Architects Intern Salary
Ratio Architects Intern Salary

Unpaid internships

The practice of unpaid internships at architectural firms is controversial. Although it may seem like a good idea on the surface, this practice is actually contrary to NCARB’s AXP Guidelines, which require employers to pay licensure candidates for all practicum experiences, regardless of length. This is especially the case for architecture firms with young, inexperienced professionals. The NCARB’s AXP Guidelines, however, make exceptions for certain types of experience that are not within an architecture firm.

Unlike paid internships, unpaid internships are offered to friends and family as a favor. They are also often not open to historically marginalized groups, who have been excluded from many internship opportunities. One art history postgraduate describes herself as a Queer POC from a working class background. She says that she was unable to secure a paid internship because she was not being paid for the work she performed.

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