Salary For a Scientist at Syngenta California **2022

The salaries for a scientist at Syngenta vary, depending on your organizational function and department. The top paying organizational functions include Business Development and Marketing. Other areas of Syngenta pay lower wages, including Agriculture and Warehouse. For a salary of $108,942, you should choose your field carefully. To see a complete list of salaries for scientists at Syngenta, read our salary report. We have also included a comparison of the salaries of scientists at Syngenta, with salaries and benefits listed.

Pay disparity between engineers and geologists

The pay gap between scientists and engineers at Syngenta California is so severe that scientists are attempting to use Lyft and Uber to cover the difference. While their bosses are engineers, they push to be classified as scientists. And engineers are not merely in the building to manage it, but are also key to food safety, the clean up of hazardous waste, the protection of wildlife and wetlands, and water supply management.

Although both disciplines are involved in analyzing Earth science and Earth systems, geologists study human interaction with the Earth. While geological engineers are licensed professional engineers, geoenvironmental engineers study the relationship between humans and the Earth. Both geologists and engineers specialize in different aspects of Earth science, although the differences between them are minimal. Geoenvironmental engineers work on remediation projects that affect groundwater and surface water.


Salary For a Scientist


Atrazine’s effect on frogs

Researchers have conducted studies of atrazine’s effects on frogs. In 2002, Hayes and his colleagues found that atrazine can affect frog sexual development and lead to hermaphroditic frogs. The research revealed that atrazine levels as low as 0.1 parts per billion can affect the development of hermaphroditic frogs.

Although the effects of atrazine were not attributed to the toxicity of the herbicide, research has shown that the chemical has a negative impact on amphibians and humans. Among the effects of atrazine are reproductive health, birth defects, and damage to the kidneys and liver.

Additionally, atrazine is a potent neurotoxin, which can lead to multiple generations of problems in animals.

Syngenta’s relationship with Hayes

Syngenta, the largest agribusiness in the world, sought to undermine Hayes’ research with its herbicide atrazine. More than half of the corn grown in the U.S. is treated with this chemical. Hayes, then 31 years old, had published 20 papers on amphibians and discovered that atrazine might inhibit frogs’ sexual development. The two companies began to engage in public battles against each other.

In a public presentation, a Syngenta employee asked Professor Hayes rhetorical questions about Hayes’ research, including “Why can’t someone replicate your research?” Those findings were then published as proof that the study did not hold up under scrutiny. Syngenta has since agreed to settle the lawsuit, but not before taking steps to discredit Hayes’ work. In addition to discrediting Hayes’ research, it has threatened to ban the chemical.

Company’s litigation with Hayes

In his role as a Principal in the firm’s Litigation and Appellate practice groups, Hayes Edwards has a diverse practice aimed at helping businesses and individuals navigate the pitfalls of litigation while maximising opportunities. His casework encompasses all types of disputes – from business litigation to employment issues – and he represents clients from a variety of industries. His extensive legal experience enables him to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts and in multiple forums.

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