Wind Turbine Technician Salary **2022

A Wind Turbine Technician Salary is required in a number of renewable energy and wind turbine manufacturing businesses. The job requires a certain level of heights safety and the technician will need to attend specialist courses to remain compliant. Wind turbine manufacturers and renewable energy companies are the most common employers of Wind Turbine Technicians. Keeping up with training is also essential, and Renewable UK has information on the course providers and the latest training. The average annual salary for Wind Turbine Technicians is around £16,000.

Average annual salary

Wind Turbine Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a Wind Turbine Technician is $56,230. The highest paying Wind Turbine Technicians earn more than $65,000 a year. The lowest paid earners make less than $42,000 per year. The highest-paying Wind Turbine Technicians work for private companies. However, the average salary of all working Americans is just $24,400. In May 2020, 4% of Wind Turbine Technicians were LGBT. The highest-paying Wind Turbine Technicians are employed by Acciona Energy and 4% by EMS USA.

In addition to earning a high wage, the average Wind Turbine Technician should have at least two years of experience in the field. Most WindTechs learn their trade at technical or community colleges. Many pursue certificates in wind energy technology, and some earn associates degrees. Upon graduation, they typically receive more than 12 months of on-the-job training, including internships with wind turbine servicing contractors. They also receive a salary based on the number of years they’ve been working in the field.

The average Wind Turbine Technician should be aware of their salary, which varies depending on the location. Some WindTechs live near the main site while others are mobile technicians. They may specialize in a certain type of gearbox or turbine. The type of travel involved will depend on the level of expertise and the location of the Wind Turbine. Some wind farms are located in remote locations and can require lengthy travel. As a result, the average annual salary of a Wind Turbine Technician is higher in certain states than in others.

Education required

A bachelor’s degree is not usually required for entry-level wind turbine technician jobs. However, a driver’s license is often required. Wind farms cover large areas and require traveling. Moreover, a wind turbine technician salary is dependent on experience. The average wind turbine technician makes $53,000 a year. However, it is important to understand the salary range before beginning the career. To get started in this field, complete a certificate or associate’s degree program in wind turbine technology.

There are two pathways to become a wind turbine technician. A certificate program takes about 12 months and costs around $9,000 and covers AC circuits, industrial automation, and wind turbine fundamentals. In addition, an associate’s degree program lasts 20 months and costs around $13,000 and covers electromechanical systems, technical business writing, and wind turbine troubleshooting. Upon completion, a wind turbine technician salary can be over six figures.

Education requirements vary by employer. Wind technicians learn their trade in a technical school. Typically, they complete a two-year technical program before starting their job. In addition, they also undergo on-the-job training of 12 months. They are responsible for installing, maintaining, and operating wind turbines. They also diagnose and repair problems with the turbines, such as if one is malfunctioning. While this job requires considerable expertise, the required level of experience depends on the type of job.

Job outlook

Wind Turbine Technician Salary

As wind energy becomes more affordable, job prospects for wind turbine technicians are expected to improve. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for wind turbine technicians is projected to grow by 68% between the years 2020 and 2030. Nearly 5,000 new jobs will be added to the existing 7,000 positions, and another 1,400 will open up as people move to other fields or retire. In addition, wind turbines are proving to be an environmentally friendly option for power generation, so there is an increased need for wind turbine technicians.

A high school diploma and an interest in big machinery are essential qualifications for becoming a wind turbine technician. You should also be detail-oriented and communicate well with others. Wind turbine technicians can expect to face some physical challenges. As a result, you should be physically fit and willing to work in a team environment. A wind turbine technician must have a high school diploma, and ideally, have completed training in metalworking, math, and computer science.

The job outlook for wind turbine technicians will vary depending on where you live. Generally, wind turbines are located in rural areas. These locations are preferred for a variety of reasons, including the cost of land and favorable topography. Additionally, wind turbine technicians will be far from the bright lights of big cities, so you should have a high sense of adventure. This career is perfect for those who enjoy being outdoors, and enjoy working outside.

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